Monday, August 8, 2016

Money to Burn?/A Florence Endorsement

The TD tells us Colbert County volunteer fire departments are asking for more money. Inside sources tell us that one or two of them wouldn’t need more money if checks and balances had been in place. We’re sure there’s more to come. Stay tuned…


We recently lamented the lack of leadership in the small town of Rogersville, but that’s true in the Shoals’ largest city as well. How about District Two in Florence? We suggest you like Dick Jordan…he’s running unopposed. Can we all say “lack of interest?”

How about District Three? David Bradley is running against long time council member Hermon Graham. Graham forgot long ago that he is a servant of the people, not vice versa. Bradley is promising to listen to the citizens of eastern Florence. We say give Mr. Bradley a chance.

District Five? You have to choose between an 18 year-old and a Florence businessman who has demonstrated quite a lack of business acumen. We aren’t going to make a recommendation in this race, but we will comment that it’s a sad situation the district can’t field a roster of viable candidates.

Districts One, Four, and Six? Tune in tomorrow…


We had a reader complaining about our blogging on a local career criminal. He or she felt we should be discussing our “country.” We doubt that was a sincere sentiment, but we’ll make a rare exception and offer up some food for thought on the presidential election.

We don’t like Trump or Clinton. It’s almost impossible to rate one above the other. Both are total scalawags and…well, you get the picture.

However, having said that we don’t like Hillary, we’ve been noticing something odd recently. Take enough pictures, and you’re bound to get an ugly shot of even the most attractive and decorous candidate, so we weren’t initially impressed by some of the ugly snaps of LaClinton; there seemed to be as many of Trump.

Yet, the memes and gifs just keep coming. So Hillary stumbles? FDR was confined to a wheel chair. Does her lack of coordination really matter? Let’s give the devil her due; it probably wouldn’t affect her ability to govern. Then we come to the facial tics. In a world where so-called intelligent people think Newtown didn’t happen and 9/11 was an inside job, we’re not surprised that all kinds of theories would crop up about Hillary doing drugs or having had a stroke or having dementia or a seizure disorder. Wait…that last one…have you looked at some of her recent performances?

We say there is definitely something physically wrong with Hillary. Now if we could just as easily explain Donald.

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