Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blake Edwards Has Some Interesting Opposition

Florence District Five councilman Blake Edwards, co-owner of Hospice of Tennessee Valley, will be having some interesting opposition next year. A Florence youth, who will barely be the required 18 years of age by the 2016 election, will be opposing first time councilman Edwards.

Three years ago Edwards, son of a late long-time city administer, narrowly defeated Coy Bramlett to win his seat in a district rife with controversy over a new Walmart. Edwards has also faced criticism for numerous lawsuits against his hospice during the past four years.

Does Florence High student Chase Holcombe have the proverbial snowball's chance? Anything is possible. Edwards has not yet announced that he will seek a second term, and there's certainly plenty of time for others to announce their candidacy.

It looks like it will be an interesting election...


We had only just declared J. Redmon missing in action on our restaurant blog when he posted a most interesting review:

As with all our blogs, rebuttals and comments are welcome.


We're waiting for Cherry Pitts to send us her rebuttal to some extremely caustic criticism of her review of the The Crazy Chicken; however, we pass that way frequently and have never seen a deck, nor did Cherry mention one in her review. We made a point to look deck in sight. Perhaps it's around back?

We wish the small cafe' the best of luck in a hard market.


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