Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This post is about government abusing its power granted by the Constitution, oppressing its citizens.

I am completely against abortion. I don't like the ACLU. They choose ONLY issues to fit their agenda. I am more against our government making private decisions for its citizens.

When we American Christians allow government the power to operate outside the bounds of the Constitution, we risk being told when we can, and cannot, attend church.  American's have done little to stop these government acts and omissions and a reason our liberties are threatened every day.

Most in Alabama don't know that our elected officials - with their self granted  title of nobility - treat any issue regarding a child: that the child automatically becomes ward of the state.

Most women don't know this, including the female, I assume attorney, ACLU author of the below referenced story, writing, "If our client lost parental rights to the fetus, the district attorney could have argued that her uterus was essentially a ward of the state, and that she would no longer be allowed to make decisions about her own body, including getting an abortion."

Chris Connolly backed off his chemical endangerment charges of the young mother seeking an abortion, Connolly was first going to place this mother under the jail and terminate her parental rights, rather than first getting her treatment.

Connolly exposed this mothers (who has a right to privacy) - charges to the public, not the ACLU. Connolly, did that for his own personal gain.  Connolly is an extortionist. He doesn't care about children. Further, more than not of our state court judges are extortionists. Most none of them honor our Constitution. This includes five of the US Supreme Court judges.

While you see this post as a reference to a case where the mother wanted an abortion and she changed her mind, in part, due to the state attempting to save the life of an unborn child, what you don't see is our government used extortion over the mother for her to make private decisions over her uterus.

Abortions will stop with individual education at church and home, not from our government.

When the government tells a woman she can't have an abortion, the government will then tell us Christian American's when we can and cannot attend church. I don't want that. Do you!


Mark Davis

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