Sunday, August 23, 2015

Calling for Alex Nelson's Resignation

Regular readers know that we think the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board is, at best, a mess. Certain members of the board crucified Debbie Wilson. More recently these same members, to put it
colloquially, done Alison Stanfield wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes. Shoalanda herself has made a few (yeah, big surprise). Yet no matter how irritated we have been, discouraged, just plain heart-sick, we've at least tried to do the right thing 99% of the time. It may have proved to have been the wrong decision, but most of our mistakes have been honest ones.

We're thinking now of a man long gone to his reward and how he lived his life. Good works do live on. There are other men we could add to this mental picture. They persevered and they fought the good fight and loved their families.

Bad works? We're thinking of an old joke about political candidates, but we'll rise above quoting it. We're not stupid and we're not naive. Most people wear morals like a Sunday frock to be discarded when it suits them. Nothing will change that.

We hope that tourism board member Alex Nelson will resign...maybe even get some help...maybe even start treating women better?


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  1. Is this the Early A. Nelson listed in the Ashley Madison pages of Alabama sex applicants?