Thursday, August 6, 2015

Work How Long, Get a Pension?

If you are elected to our wonderful legislature, you will get a pension after only two years of service? Apparently so. Our tax dollars at work.

Our legislature used to have one session every two years, now they have one or two, usually two, each year and get little to nothing least of any importance.

Think about it.


We had this blog ready to post, but think it's important to add something. We have a food blog called Quad-Cities Cuisine. It's part of our blog group and everything published there is copyrighted. Anyone publishing these blogs in toto are stealing and may be subject to prosecution.

We ostensibly have two regular bloggers, J. Redmon, who blogs very little at that location, and Cherry Pitts. We know who J. is, but we do not know who Cherry is. We do know she has been unable to blog recently due to her mother being in rehab; now that she's back, we're happy to publish whatever she sends us. Unless she has sent us something under another name, food blogs are all she has ever written for us.

We just published a blog on a new cafe in North Florence. Cherry gave it a VERY GOOD review. Yet that apparently wasn't good enough for one other local blogger. Cherry contacted us to say she may not be doing any more food blogs due to her mother's illness and the criticism she just took from this bully.

We told her to give it a few days, then write her own rebuttal to this man's cruel comments. In the mean time, we happily accept blogs from anyone who would like to review any local restaurants.

Remember, Cherry or anyone else out there, if you give in to a bully, he/she wins. We appreciate you!


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