Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Canada? Uh, It's Somewhere/Tourism Troubles

Geography? We're sure many can take or leave it, but we also expect professional writers to have a basic understanding of it. Just last week Coffee Road morphed into Coffee Highway in the course of the same article in the TimesDaily. The former is the correct name, but once outside the Florence City limits, the well-traveled road becomes the Savannah Highway. Also last week, another TD writer insisted on adding an extra “s” to Shoal Creek. That, sadly, is not uncommon in this area.

Now a TD writer is apparently unsure what to do with the Canadian province/state of Ontario. We see that a candidate for the position of Florence Tourism director is from Kingston-Ontario, Canada. Perhaps he will soon move to Florence-Alabama, USA? Eh?


We see the salary for the new head honcho of Florence tourism will be in the 70K to 120K range. A 50K range fluctuation? We understand that experience counts, but that vast a difference seems odd. We welcome comments.

Also, the second candidate interviewed would be leaving his own company if he should be offered the position. Most individuals usually do the reverse. If this gentleman isn't doing well with his own
business, how can he expect to do better with a public position where he will have to contend with the board...yes, that infamous tourism board of Youtube fame?


A reader has asked why we removed a blog about Lauderdale Circuit Court Clerk Missy Hibbett. We have not removed the blog that we recently published. As of this morning, it was still listed in our
side bar under the “Most Read.”

Since we published that guest blog, Kneeland Hibbett has been returned to Jail in Baldwin County. The TD has published some very intimate details of the upcoming Hibbett divorce that we see no need of reiterating here. We will suggest that while we're sure everyone out there can improve upon job performance, perhaps some problems in the clerk's office are caused by transient emotional problems that may be soon be resolved. Let's hope things improve for that family.


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