Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anthony Olivis Throws in the Towel!

Colbert County School Superintendent Anthony Olivis has announced he will not seek re-election to his current post...after only one term. During that term, Olivis has managed to alienate half the teachers, support staff, and parents...not to mention those he's fired without cause. He's also managed to decimate the system's bank account.

Assistant Superintendent Jeff Cornelius...oh, excuse us...that's Dr. Cornelius we hear...will be running for the vacancy. We're accepting opinion pieces on this candidate or any other candidate for the post.

Good luck, Colbert County!


Autumn Wood, who was eligible for a parole hearing last April 1st, now has one scheduled for September 16th. The family of her victim Brooklyn Hollins wants Wood to serve the entire ten and one-half years of her sentence. Whether Wood makes parole or not, as long as she behaves herself, she will be free on April 24, 2017.


We never think of Brooklyn Hollins that we don't remember her last words. We know it's not as if everyone knows their last words will be exactly that, but it is a great reminder to watch what you say. How would your family feel if these words made it into print or were published on the Internet?


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