Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rep. Ed Henry Strikes Again

Rep. Ed Henry
Boards of Education in our area are notoriously slated for nepotism, do-nothingness, and just plain ignorance. No one can remember a time citizens of western Lauderdale have felt they had a true voice in matters of county education. If Rep. Phillip Pettus had his way, citizens of Florence wouldn't have a say...quite literally.

Now an 18 year-old wants to run for a place on the Lauderdale Board. Now Rep. Ed Henry wants to do away with the State Department of Education, responsible for disciplining teachers at a state level as we understand it.

Why not give the 18 year-old Rep. Henry's job? He couldn't do any worse than Henry has in the past four years. Hartselle must be so proud...


So why does Rep. Henry want to close down a long-standing department? He's been in an ongoing war of words with Supt. Bice for several weeks over funding.

Henry has called Bice a liar concerning what the superintendent has called a 4% cut. No lynch mobs appeared to take out Bice, so now Henry apparently thinks the best way to be rid of him is to do away with his job.

Ah, Alabama politics...making Muscle Shoals look good.


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