Monday, August 24, 2015

What's on the List?

Who is on the list is bad enough, but when financial institutions begin to solicit sex over the Internet, it's...just plain wrong. In all seriousness, if anyone working at the Florence Federal Credit Union did use that name to establish a membership in the wonderful Ashley Madison Agency, we trust he has been dealt with. If we use the name of our employer, the Acme Widget Co., to even purchase a movie download, we would be flogged...many times...then boiled in oil. We hate to think what would happen if we used the company name (not even close to a financial institution) to solicit a little nookie.

Now about those physicians: Do you want someone treating you who doesn't even have the expertise to set up a phantom account? We're pretty sure they sell prepaid debit cards on almost every corner.
'Nuff said.


From a Florence reader: Tell Cherry Pitts that there are actually three parking places in front of Crazy Little Chicken. One is a parallel space in front of the building. Looks like they have not been repainted in some time.

From a Tuscumbia reader: Why hasn't Tuscumbia City Schools posted a school board minutes since 2013? Why hasn't their student breakfast/lunch menu been revamped in at least as many years?

In regard to the last question, we'll give the Muscle Shoals system a five-star rating in providing an app for students and parents to peek into the wonderful world of cafeteria food. How about it, you other Shoals systems?


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