Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A “Marquis Organization?”

The third candidate for new director of Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Director has stated the current tourism staff is considered a “marquis organization.” That sounds very nice, but what the heck is it? Google couldn't tell us, even when we decided the TD had probably mis-transcribed “marquee.”

Who knows? Florence may have several marquis organizations just lying around and no one knows about it.


More grandstanding? It was highly publicized when our physician governor chose to stop payments to Planned Parenthood. We agreed with his decision.

However, it seems that in the past two years our state has paid only a few thousand to that organization and none of that was even slightly related to abortions.

We used to hear “If it feels good, do it.” Now it would seem those in Montgomery subscribe to the mantra, “If it sounds good, say it.”


So Blake Edwards wants a smaller animal shelter. Well, we've always heard he's so great with saving money...


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  1. Glad these folks don't work in the medical profession. That's how patient's die.