Monday, August 17, 2015

Local schools and male teacher inequality

As the 2015-16 school year takes off, another local school is one step closer to becoming an all female-staffed school. This is in a time period when positive adult male role models are increasingly difficult to find. This prompts several questions:

Why the apparent reluctance among local school systems to place male teachers in elementary and middle school settings? Every educational study done over the past 30 years has shown the need for male teachers in these formative years. Surely there are qualified male teacher applicants applying for these vacancies. Of qualified applicants, how many males are chosen for interviews? What is being sought in an applicant? Is it education, relevant experience, classroom management skills, Highly Qualified status, or something else? Locally, who conducts the actual interviews, and who makes the recommendations for hire to the superintendent and board?

Parents deserve to know how this process works and that the best possible applicant is selected to educate their children.


Now that Muscle Shoals has a new nepotism policy, we have to ask: Is it retroactive?


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