Sunday, August 16, 2015


Have you ever read a politician's comment and thought ... Hey, why didn't he/she just cut to the chase and say what they really meant?!? For example tonight WHNT19 had a segment called "Taking Action: Addressing the sinking crosswalks in downtown Tuscumbia" which featured a citizen calling-out Tuscumbia to make repairs on sinking crosswalks.

Mayor Shoemaker made several very lackluster comments so I thought hey let's help the mayor "cut to the chase". Check out the WHNT19 report then read the "cut to the chase" comments below.

Mayor Shoemaker: "Their main priority right now is clearing up the damage left behind from an EF-1 tornado that recently passed through." CUT TO THE CHASE: Um... can't you see that we are in the middle of a TORNADO clean up?!? We don't have time to correct an ongoing, unsafe road hazard. Come on, we have priorities! Broken tree limbs need picking up first!!!!

Mayor Shoemaker: "Fixing them is a long term goal by digging them up and starting from the beginning." CUT TO THE CHASE: We really don't have the money to do it right now because tax payers are still paying off my new office (nice executive desk, chair, bookshelf, etc.) along with all the other high cost renovations to city hall.

Mayor Shoemaker: "It’s going to take the right timing to get the project done safely and effectively. They hope to address the crosswalk problem this fall." CUT TO THE CHASE: If we put off the repair project then maybe people will forget about the problem. If not, then we can blame it on the Muskrat burrowing underground. Yeah, I think that's believable. Or I can consult with the Park Director for another excuse. 

Mayor Shoemaker: "It’s not safe to put out warning cones, because they could cause more harm than good." CUT TO THE CHASE: Oh no we can't have warning cones! Let's not cause additional attention to the road hazard. (I've got to divert their attention away from the sinking crosswalk) Did we mention we had an EF-1 Tornado? 

Thank you WHNT19 for Taking Action, but I'm afraid we will never see results ... Unless the Robbin$ Family can bail out our city again.

Tuscumbia Muskrat

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  1. don't forget the sidewalks, so full of holes, someone is going to break an ankle