Friday, August 7, 2015

Who Was Driving in the Fatal Crash?

The parents of two-year old Addison Whitaker have filed suit against Robert Chase Capley. The civil suit recently filed in Lauderdale County states that Capley was operating the vehicle in which the toddler was killed last June. Also a passenger in the vehicle was Addison's aunt Allison Whitaker who was not seriously injured. Court documents indicate the dead child was not restrained and was at least partially ejected from the car when Capley lost control due to excessive speed and wrecked on Sharp's Mill Road.

Previous accounts in the TimesDaily had indicated that Allison Whitaker was driving the car and caused the accident that killed her niece. We assume these reports, written by Tom Smith, were taken from the state troopers who investigated the fatal crash.

It would appear that a great deal of misinformation was provided to the officers who initially investigated the death. Why? An attempt to avoid prosecution?

We assume the Whitaker family can prove that Capley was driving; however, if this wasn't initially evident, there may not have been a BAC taken from Capley. Is he escaping criminal prosecution in this child's death?

Restrain all children! It's the law!


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