Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Local Board Expenses?

Several readers have asked how expenses are handled with members of local boards. Each board may have a different policy, but we can give you a pretty good run-down on how most bodies handle these costs.

Local boards...oh, let's pick one...say the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board may offer a monthly stipend for each meeting. We don't have actual data, but appreciate any input from those who do. This would not be a large amount and would be paid via check.

Travel expenses? There's a possibility of some mileage reimbursement for those who might drive from Rogersville to Florence, etc., but it would be very little. Actual board members would have very little need to travel since they all live in this immediate area. The UNA and Alabama Music Hall of Fame boards do travel for meetings. We've received some inquiries about this, but obviously some travel is necessary.

Entertaining expenses? If any board member did need to take anyone to lunch/dinner, he or she could get an advance and then file an expense report, either paying back the excess or receiving a second check for overage. In most cases of this nature, the board member would probably simply file the report and not ask for an advance.

Proof? Expense reports have to be documented. If they aren't the board will hear from its accountants. It would be difficult to put too much over on a small board with limited funds.


Now, we see Rob Carnegie is being paid 110K per year. Nice salary. Rob will be working with an area 1/3 the size of Kingston, Ontario, but he will be working with a budget that is 1/10 of Kingston's. He will also be working with a board that is less than ideal.

Pass the popcorn.



  1. Canadians don't have the best track record around here. IE, rail car plant! What happens when someone wants to go Rattlesnake Saloon? Who is going to show him the way.

  2. Canadians are not noted for success in the shoals, (Ask Bonner). Why was someone who lives here and knows thr area and the people in it , ( and did excellent job of taking over; though not paid extra to do so) passed over by the board?? Maybr you need to fix stupid on the board??

  3. Carnegie won't be here long, just long enough to set the paycheck for someone's wife who will slide right in the comfy spot and order others around. Stay tuned for some good-ole-boy payback when property for the new animal shelter is bought at a premium.