Friday, August 28, 2015

Rob Carnegie: What Was the Lure?

A reader has sent us a most interesting take on why Rob Carnegie is coming to the Shoals:

Carnegie won't be here long, just long enough to set the paycheck for someone's wife who will slide right in the comfy spot and order others around. Stay tuned for some good-ole-boy payback when property for the new animal shelter is bought at a premium.

Interesting, but what if it's another back room plot? The final details of Rob's contract have not even been worked out, but the code word seems to be bonuses. That's the one open end item in his package.

No matter the final salary, no matter if Rob's wife could have motivated the move (she could be a US citizen, even a Tennessee native—we have no idea), Rob has not dealt extensively with the board. Just wait...

Oh, about that board member resigning? No one has heard a word of which we're aware. We understand his wife has had very bad health for a long time. It certainly couldn't have gotten any better this past week.


UNA parking situation at the new dorms? We're seeing lots, and we mean lots, of vehicles parked in the lot at the College View Church of Christ. That's not being a good neighbor. Time for Kittsy to get his feet wet and take on a real problem.


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