Thursday, August 13, 2015

We Now Have Hospital Lift-Off!

After much money spent fighting Lauderdale County, mostly by Huntsville Hospital via Keller we strongly suspect, RegionalCare now has an uncontested go-ahead to build it's new hospital. We never
particularly cared for Joe Roach, former ECM head honcho under RegionalCare, but we hope he will send Keller some well-chosen hubris-inspired words at this time. They deserve it.


In keeping with a medical theme, we're going to give Doogie Howser some advice. We have it on good authority that the older people get, the more they see their physicians. Ditch the Bama Bangs you're sporting in those photos. They don't exactly inspire confidence among those over, oh, 17 or so.


Still on a medical theme, how do you break an eardrum? Maybe it's something new they've developed in Lexington? Should we look for a broken pancreas next?


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