Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The State of Florence & UNA

Once a year the mayor Florence, currently Mickey Haddock, gives an address/report as to the state of the city. Unless asked, there are very infrequent updates on projects in the works. We're going to list
some and their status, as far as we know it, here. We're starting with UNA since one of the city projects seems to depend on a UNA project.


1. Move to Division I: Basically a done deal and waiting for an invitation to join a conference? True, but what if that much wanted invite doesn't materialize? How long will the university wait? We're assuming that as new board members are added, the whole matter could be re-voted.

2. The College of Integrative Health Quackery: How long do we have to wait to realize Zing Zang Zung was just having us on...getting his revenge if you will. He saved face, but UNA lost it. The important part of this deal now is the ownership of the Florence Golf and Country Club. Will UNA sell, as in immediately if not sooner?

City of Florence:

1. New animal shelter: The country club site would be ideal and cost very little in the way of new infrastructure, but will the city be able to purchase it? It seems Mickey Haddock wants this site, but in the mean time the old shelter is in need of maintenance. We realize all who volunteer there love the idea of working with animals, but can't the shelter find anyone to do a little make-do scraping and painting since it would appear it may be two years before the new shelter is ready?

2. Downtown Entertainment District: Nothing new and we don't see it happening.

3. Sweetwater Entertainment District: Nothing new announced, but we do expect to hear some rumbles in that direction any day now. If not, the city if dragging its feet.

4. College Plaza? It could be dead for all we know. No new announcements. Doesn't the “Projects Coordinator,” aka Dick Jordan's brother-in-law, make monthly or at least somewhat regular reports? Why aren't these online?

We welcome any input from readers who may have new information on any of these projects.


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  1. On the College of Integrative Health....maybe it's bogus, but look around, there's dozens of such inventions occurring. The Chinese are simply getting in on the action. Look at 'wellness', it's now a term used everyday for bogus stuff. If the Chinese want in on the action and will spend money around Florence....let them do it. At least they aren't doing some three billion-dollar amusement park deal....are they?