Friday, August 14, 2015

Only 40 or 50 Years?

We've commented before on this trend, if after all these years it can be called a trend. It's built-in obsolescence. Buildings are designed to last around 30 years, unless they're a fast food franchise, for which eight to 10 years is a long life. We can understand that thinking in the medical profession, at least to some extent. Yet buildings can be built to be easily remodeled or added on to.

Florence's new animal shelter will be built in sections, pods if you will. So what are we waiting for?

The new hospital? Mayor Mickey Haddock says it should serve Lauderdale County for 40 or 50 years. Really? Our current facility has been added on to more than a paid escort's chest, but the main building is around 70 years old. Let's hope the new hospital is around just as long.


Maybe you don't read too many articles about abused children, especially infants. It's not fun reading, is it? Who does the abuse? Not usually the mother. More often the male in the menage is responsible. More often than not, he's not the infant's biological father. What does it take to make a woman realize when she moves a man into her home, that doesn't automatically make him a caring parent?

The Justin Matthew Green trial is set for October. We understand he bypassed an arraignment. Guess he understood the charges pretty well, huh?


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