Monday, August 3, 2015

Ms. Missy Hibbett, Circuit Clerk

I’m gonna have a fit like my gramma used to have if things don't change. One of those old fashioned “tell it like it is”. “Politics make strange bedfellows” is a mild understatement. Over 20 years ago, I began work at the Lauderdale County Courthouse and thought I had died and gone to Heaven. This was the dream job and I couldn’t wait to go to work every morning, just to help people that came into our offices.

Over time, I find the self satisfaction of helping others has taken a backseat to the daily Courthouse soap opera. Circuit Clerk Mr. Kenneth Austin, who served many years and set a high standard of ethical leadership, employed a chief clerk, Kathy Haynes, who required the same high level of personal and moral integrity of the office staff. Those days of the public service mentality and professionalism have been reduced to a social playground. 

Ms. Missy Hibbett, Circuit Clerk, has switched to the Republican party and feels very confident in her association with the “majority”. So much so, that she has a habit of arriving to the courthouse very late in the day. It appears she comes to work wearing pretty much what she probably was out on the town in the night before, thus setting the tone for the attire (or lack of) for most of the women in her office. It would be rather ridiculous to assume much work is done when most employees are in their party wear, without proper “chaperones” and supervision. From all accounts, calling the clerk’s office will only get you caught in a series of transfers from one office to the next. It’s near impossible to catch Ms. Hibbett in her office to actually talk to her. Perhaps once this appears in print, things will change for a little while.

Unfortunately, the Circuit Clerk’s office doesn’t operate in an autonomous manner. While citizens are inconvenienced by the lack of leadership and prompt service, other court/courthouse activities are delayed and rescheduled for lack of leadership by the Circuit Clerk. So, next time you get mad at one of the other offices, or courts, for a delay in getting your records or action, think again. The problem might not be IN the courts, or other offices, your delay might be caused by the office down the hall from the courtrooms.

Ms. Hibbett, you and your acting chief clerk, Lisa West (who made her rounds at the courthouse telling tales on you before you set her up with a cushion job), may not be able to get the protection from the Republicans as you have bragged about. At some point, the “rest of the story” will be told about you girl’s activities that will make any good ole republican turn red in embarrassment, and as gramps would say, “head for the hills”. 

I might not be a Republican, but I’m turning red just thinking about how I voted for you, Missy Hibbett.
"Frank Lee Speekin"

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  1. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. From what I hear there is drama in every office of that courthouse ! A lot of good ole boy commraderie and back scratching. Just passing the buck and people around ;) I will hopefully spend my vote on a more deserving candidate.