Thursday, August 27, 2015

Say It Ain't So, Guv!

Of all the headlines we might have expected this week, the one we would never have anticipated was a divorce in the governor's mansion. Well, he is a lame duck, so no political harm done. Who saw it coming? We're sure someone did. We're also sure the real reasons will be known to few...and we're not one of them.

We were once disturbed by Bentley's name change during his first run for the Montgomery mansion. For those who don't know, he wanted to have the title. “Dr.” placed before his name on the ballot. Also for those who don't know, any attorney is also entitled to be called “Doctor.” Oh, where will it end?

When Bentley failed in this attempt, he had his first name legally changed to “Doctor;” then had it changed back when election officials declined to honor his request. We all have our odd little quirks, but this seemed a harbinger of nothing good. Perhaps we should be surprised it's taken this long to surface. And just why is this receiving so little coverage? Was it really that much of a surprise?


On the local divorce front, a certain Lauderdale action has again made news in Baldwin County. Isn't it wonderful when “He said; she said” is so public?

Attorneys for Kneeland Hibbett have stated it may be a year before his criminal case comes to trial. Perhaps Ms. Hibbett can postpone the divorce until her ex is on the sex offender registry. It would look so much better in court documents.


Speaking of surprises, hold your hat... It's coming to local news near you soon!


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