Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Midnight Rider on Elections

It’s Time to Make a Difference
By: The Midnight Rider
Usually The Rider writes about things that are wrong, might not be right or something humorous. This time, The Rider is going to write about something serious. This Tuesday, August 23rd, make your voice heard. YOU NEED TO VOTE! While we have written that we were disappointed with the number of people who decided to run, the people that did run deserve your support.
Our forefathers gave their lives to make this Country and You free. You have the Right to vote because of the men and women throughout the years that have made the ultimate sacrifice for You. This is the United States of America. A Free Country. We are Americans by Birth and Southern by the Grace of God.
While we do not live in the City limits and cannot vote in Municipal Elections, we have been following the elections. We are going to make a few recommendations. These recommendations are based on the candidates that have impressed us during the last couple of weeks. We would like to for you to consider the following candidates for your vote:
Tuscumbia Mayor:  Kerry Underwood
Tuscumbia District One:  Katie Logan
Sheffield District 4:  Penny Freeman
Lexington Mayor:  Sandra Killen Burroughs
Again, there are a lot of elections going on; these are the ones that stood out to us. It’s time for the People to be heard. Go vote.
Until next time….
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.
From a Rogersville reader:
Does the term robber baron mean anything to anyone anymore?


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Due to the advent of elections, we may make more than one post tomorrow. Please keep checking back.

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