Thursday, August 18, 2016

Russellville Still Has Problems/Voter Fraud

The way to solve problems is first to acknowledge them. Acknowledgement in any area of concern seems hard for many in the Shoals, judging from comments we've received over the years. After Troy Oliver left office, the town of Russellville had a chance to move forward...and it has. The question is: Is Russellville moving forward at a pace to even keep up, much less get ahead?

There are three candidates for mayor in Tuesday's election. David Grissom is the incumbent, who like most politicians is taking credit for the sun rising in the east each day. Then we have Randy Bray who doesn't seem to have much of a platform unless you consider his constant use of the word "equality." Finally we have Donnie Horton, a long-time businessman with fresh ideas to promote the city, especially its downtown.

We consider a vote for Randy Bray a vote to move backward. Neither Grissom nor Horton has addressed the animal control situation in Russellivlle. We can understand that when citizens have near-starving children, they have scant inclination to think of animals. How does one rise from the depths that Russellville has fallen into?

Any candidate can promise economic prosperity and more jobs. Russellville voters have the choice of Grissom or Horton to make these promises come true. While David Grissom hasn't failed at his promises, he hasn't succeeded either. We're endorsing Donnie Horton as a man who can get things done.


Return to Florence? Perennial candidate John Hargett is actually campaigning for District Four council member. Readers actually have questions about Michelle Eubanks' record. Tom Wissert is holding steady.

We didn't previously offer a recommendation in this race, but if any readers have more comments, please send them. We will have more before the election


We see that Florence mayor Mickey Haddock is claiming to have achieved work toward a new senior center. Perhaps he could elucidate the voters with an actual example of that work?


Poor Sheffield? Will District Two (apologies for referring to this race as District One yesterday) become ground zero for election fraud complaints?


Is Alabama the only area to see the loonies come out of the woodwork at election time? Not quite. Remember this guy?

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