Thursday, August 4, 2016

Janet Womack & the Lure of Montgomery?

Florence City Schools Superintendent Janet Womack interviewed earlier today as one of six finalists for the highest post in state education. Will she secure the coveted job of state superintendent and leave Florence for Montgomery? We’ll find out in exactly one week.

The lure of Montgomery? Higher humidity? A plethora of dry cleaners? No, it would have to be money…and power. If Dr. Womack does leave her current post, it will be especially interesting to see just who may apply to replace her.


Early this morning there was quite a police chase near Florence Mall. We understand our friend Skip’s car was sideswiped. We’re extremely thankful that no officers or bystanders were hurt during this utterly pointless pursuit. Let’s hope Jason Olive does some actual time for this.


Remember Hershel Graham, convicted of manslaughter in the death of a young husband/father? He’s spent his entire time in prison in the Kilby infirmary, supposedly close to death. After being given permission to return to Red Bay to die, he recovered enough that his medical furlough was canceled. He even came to his father’s funeral.

Now he’s at death’s door again and wants to return to Franklin County. We’re not sure how that will work since his sponsor is now dead; his victim’s family also lives nearby…not a good situation. Let’s hope the powers that be at the department of corrections decide the Hamilton infirm unit is the correct place for this detritus of society.


We've had several readers ask us about the murder of former football standout C.J. Sirmones. We have no information on the crime that hasn't been published elsewhere, but we see that the shooter Yancey Lee Williams is from Rogersville. Any of our friends out that way know Williams?

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