Friday, August 5, 2016

The Good(e), the Bad, & the Ugly

The good? We sincerely hope it will be a new mayor for Florence. Yes, we understand that some things take more time than others. Some projects require state approval and money; however, let's look at what has not been accomplished under four years of Mayor Haddock:

1. Either indoor or outdoor new tennis courts.

2. College Street bridge.

3. College Street Plaza (which may never happen; we have no idea since Haddock has never offered an official statement on it).

4. Either of the two proposed so-called entertainment districts (this may not be a bad thing, but the public needs to know the status of these two proposals).

5. New senior center, something else that may never happen.

6. New animal shelter (yes, there’s been progress, but very little in four years).

We’re sure there’s more, but six unfinished promised projects are enough to show a pattern of do-nothingness.

We invite reader comments on Susan Goode and Steve Holt. We’ll have more next week.


The bad? We’ve received another communication from a reader who uses the name Pecos Bill:

I took your advice to call the warden at the Holman prison but have never got him yet. Now Jerry Don (Crowden) has threatened to kill some people. Don’t know who they are, but he openly mentions his phone and has posted pictures of guns.

PB sent us a screen shot of one of Crowden’s threats. We won’t publish it here since it includes the names of his daughter and girlfriend, but here is the edited version:

You know I'm man enough to tell somebody if I got a problem with them I don't have to put little xxx messages on Facebook book and if it somebody I'm sub post to care about I'm going right to them and just because I'm trying to change my life and be a better person don't mean them .45 are gone and want loss a nights sleep over making them things talk and when you bring xxx and xxx in it I'll go to prison the rest of my life and don't give one xxxdamn

If these two women are receiving some kind of threats, they need to contact Florence Police. If the person whom Crowden is threatening is aware of these threats, he needs to contact both the prison and his local police. Crowden talks of changing his life, but now that such an overt threat has been made, he will never make parole. He may even have added a few years to his sentence which ends in 2033. A sad waste of a life.


The ugly? That would be Jason Dylan Olive who led at least two local law enforcement agencies on quite a chase yesterday. Apparently Olive is an amateur tattoo artist who advertises on FB that he does work at pajama/tattoo parties…all the while under the influence of meth according to some who have commented on his latest escapade.

Pajama/tattoo parties? Due to truth in advertising they should probably be called pajama/tattoo/hepatitis parties.


  1. Get a life! Nobody cares about this!!! People get hacked all the time!!

  2. Ok nobody cares about this! Tell us about what is happening with our country, schools etc!

  3. Another thug WAnna be off the streets..