Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Voting Dead/Leroy Darby

We can never eliminate all waste in government, but we can certainly eliminate some of it. Perhaps the main question is: Can we add some common sense to our government policies?

There’s been much said recently about voter IDs and the advisability of requiring them. Even Hillary Clinton has stepped into the Alabama fray…bless her heart. Most who have commented haven’t understood just to what extent the State of Alabama has bent over backward to make sure every citizen has some form of identification.

Now in his quest to bring the wonderful world of voting to all adult citizens, Secretary of State John Merrill has sent out pamphlets to anyone in the state who is a licensed driver, but not a registered voter. The total cost of these pamphlets has not been estimated, but needless to say they weren’t written, produced, and mailed free.

Is there a problem with these mailings? Yes, just a few. If an individual is on the list of licensed drivers, but not voters, there are four possibilities:

1. He's not a citizen

2. He has no political rights

3. He has no interest in voting

4. He’s dead

For those who are number three on the list, an invitation to vote might make them change their minds, but there’s not much in the short term that anyone can do about number one or two, and absolutely nothing anyone can do about number four.

Besides the cost of these ill conceived pamphlets, some are concerned about less than honorable individuals using the information on the mailers to register to vote under the name of a dead person. (Cue music to Chicago.) As to how these serial voters would handle the ID issue, we don’t know, but we’re sure at least some would be able to get around that pesky issue.

All citizens have the right to ask Sec. Merrill: Just what were you thinking? No, Alabama will never get ahead or develop a balanced budget with this kind of leadership.


We’ve had quite a few both public and private comments about the old issue of stolen political signs in Rogersville. For those who were not around at the time, it involved signs placed on state rights-of-way. No matter one’s opinion on that issue, such signs are illegal. While driving around our neighborhood this afternoon, we saw at least three busy street corners where such signs were placed illegally.

Supporters of Mayor Mickey Haddock seem to be prime perpetrators of this misdemeanor, but we saw some for Susan Goode, Blake Edwards, and others. These misplaced illegal signs don’t make anyone think more of the candidates, and in most cases make us think a lot less.


We’ve had someone contact us about a property situation in Lauderdale County in which a disabled man has been partially evicted from “his” home. We understand at least one Huntsville television station has also covered this ongoing situation.

After looking into it, it seems that a David C. purchased some property at a tax sale in 1996…maybe. There’s a dispute as to the exact location of the property. David C. let his son live in a house on the property, but never paid taxes since both men were disabled. Then in 2009, Leroy Darby purchased the property at still another tax sale and has been attempting to evict the son since that time. He has finally managed to have the utilities turned off to the home. In other words, Shawn C., son of David C., has had no electricity, water, etc. for three months.

First, David C. says he wasn’t aware that he had to register his homestead/disability exemption each year, but court documents show differently. Nor did David C. ever attempt to make sure his tax sale purchase was properly recorded. This is not a new situation, but one that has gone on for seven years.

We can understand Leroy Darby wanting land he has paid money for. What we can’t understand is Darby not assisting Shawn C., disabled physically and perhaps in other ways as well, to get help from DHR or some local church in relocating. Snidely Whiplash comes to mind.

We live in a sad world.

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