Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Election Post Mortem/Hershel Graham

Round One is over, and was it ever interesting!

First up, Lexington: Sandra Burroughs Killen’s opponent garnered 23 votes. Apparently the incumbent had been mayor in name only since no one else would accept the job. Once Sandra gets Lexington straightened out, we’re hoping she’ll next take on the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board.

Sheffield District Two: Sebastian Devaughn received zero votes. That’s right. She didn’t even vote for herself. We don’t believe Ms. Devaughn is registered to vote, and obviously everyone else smelled a rat with her campaign.

Florence: The mayor’s race was a shocker. We had privately predicted a runoff between Haddock and Goode. We’ll be addressing this race later. District Six? Another shocker…not so much that Andy Betterton won as that 85 year-old autocrat Bob Hill came in second. District One? Dave Smith presented with many more votes that we ever imagined he would. Prince is writing his blog as we write ours…and foaming a little at the mouth.

Rogersville: The beleaguered Hagood not only received an almost minuscule portion of the votes, he can’t even get the TD to spell his name correctly.


With eight months left to go on his two year sentence, Hershel Graham has returned to his late father’s home in Red Bay. He is ostensibly under house arrest while on furlough to die ala Oliver Brazelle, so if any of our readers see him at the Russellville Walmart or any of his other favorite haunts, please let us know.


Anyone have any idea why this man never got ahead in the world?

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