Saturday, August 20, 2016

Killen/Starkey Shooter Trial

If any candidates have last minute announcements, please send them now so they can be published before the election. All readers living in incorporated areas are asked to take the time to vote on Tuesday. If you don’t, please don’t complain to us at a later date.


No, it’s not too early to start thinking about runoffs. Several elections are featuring three candidates, and Florence’s mayoral race is boasting a field of five. While two of the mayoral candidates will garner what may be considered a miniscule amount of votes, these will be votes the top three won’t get. We’ll be very surprised if there isn’t a runoff in that race, a runoff where the majority of registered voters will sit home and say “ho, hum.”

And PresBO wanted to make voting mandatory for every citizen…



Town of Killen Municipal election is Tuesday, August 23, at First Baptist Church. Polls open at 7:00 am and close at 7:00 pm. Running for Council are as follows and in alphabetical order for each place. Names will appear on ballot as:

Council Place 1
Ryan Blessing
Robert White

We like Ryan Blessing and you should too!

Council Place 2
Don Owens
Mary Ann Rippey

Mary Ann Rippey has what it takes.

Council Place 3
Pamela Hardison
Connie Parrish

No recommendation, except that both need to learn how to use the Internet for their advantage.


A time out from election talk to say a few words about…the Olympics. The U.S. medal count is great, and it should be. Look how large our country is. Have you noticed who’s ranked second in the medal count? It’s Great Britain. For all our British cousins residing here in the Shoals, we say “Way to go!”


We continue to receive comments on recent legal verdicts, some fair, others unfair. Remember, a judge can’t sentence a defendant if the accused hasn’t been convicted. It seems pretty straight forward, but some still don’t seem to get it.

If you think our system in Alabama is lacking in…oh, common sense, just look at Florida. John Marshall Fitzgerald went on trial on Thursday in the attempted murder of Rivers Starkey. By Friday night, a jury of 12 was’t able to agree on a verdict. We would have thought four shots fired into an unarmed man would be pretty easy to comprehend, but apparently not.


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