Monday, August 15, 2016

Where Has Jason Olive Been?/Blended Families?

In case you’ve missed the fireworks, the State of Alabama has a new head of its education department…and he’s not from Alabama. There’s been much criticism about Dr. Sentance’s qualifications for the job from both conservative and so-called liberal political pundits. One unjust criticism we’re seeing is that Sentance had applied for five such jobs in other states before being hired here. We have to ask these writers: How many jobs did you apply for before you were hired at your present one?

Will Sentance stay? That remains to be seen. If a Canadian can take our summer heat, surely a New Englander can also.


Over the years we’ve mentioned the “It’s best not to talk about it” school of thought. You know how that works; we can’t unrape the four year-old child, so let’s not mention it. Nor should we mention questionable spending on the part of our local governments. Now it seems we shouldn’t mention two recent thefts from volunteer fire departments since these departments do so much good. Maybe it’s just us, but wouldn’t these departments be able to do so much more good if they had the stolen money back?


Lest you think all volunteer fire departments are alike, we have a statement from Carlton Utley of the Spring Valley volunteer fire department on how their funds are handled:

The chief and assistant chief has a $500 spending limit for emergencies only and the expenditures must be justified to the board (repairs mainly). Our secretary makes the deposits and writes the checks, all checks that are written must be approved by the board and signed by 2 board members. When the bank statement comes in at the end of the month it is laid out where all members and residents of the community are free to view. We have this system in place in order to maintain transparency and be good stewards of the money the community has trusted us with.


A local news source has stated Jason Dylan Olive of four-minute chase fame was arrested over the weekend for his crimes. We had previously heard from several readers who wanted to know why he was a free man posting on social media. We have no idea. Did Olive walk out of the hospital where he was taken after the chase ended and then remain AWOL for more than a week?

Sources at the Lauderdale Detention Center say that Olive was arrested on August 12th; however, he almost immediately bailed out. No money for child support, but plenty for bail? First things first.


We had one recent critic who espoused the theory that “blended” families don’t always have problems. In the case of the family in question, she may want to check out a recent comment by the father of the two older children involved.


  1. Well.our home burned two years, ago need copy of what N.c Kelly Aday said on Facebook, we would be more than glad to let you have a copy

    1. We see that Kelly Aday is with the Nitrate City volunteer fire department. We assume he deleted some posts?

  2. Yes he sure did like I said we have copy's of his Post's