Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Monumental Turning Point for Florence

Five Florence mayoral candidates, five choices? Really? Let’s look at them…

1. Lillie Mae Boddie, the little candidate who wasn’t there, or isn’t here. Anyone know anything about Ms. Boddie or why she even bothered to pay a fee to run for this office? Comment: Are we missing something?

2. Billy Ray Simpson, perennial candidate who’s been seen campaigning in downtown Florence, but not much else. His platform? Helping the Westside. A good idea, but it’s hardly the basis of an entire campaign. Comment: He needs to learn what the verb “degenerate” means.

3. Steve Holt, who says it’s about jobs. Pretty big statement, but no platform to back it up. We could easily give our blog title the subheading of “Making You All Millionaires,” but unless we back it up, it’s a totally useless statement. Comment: If he has abilities or ideas he’s not showcasing, he needs to do so now.

4. Susan Goode, who has the intestinal fortitude to tell it like it is. Ms. Goode has run a clean campaign while bringing to light mismanagement in current city policies—not an easy accomplishment. 90% of her ideas are on track, and that’s more than we can say for anyone else. Comment: Term limits? She really needs to rethink that idea.

5. Mickey Haddock, our current mayor. Haddock has tried to be all things to all people. In other words, he’s a politician from the cellular level up. If he didn’t lose the backing of Florentines when he gave Steve Eason a city job, he should have. Haddock either needs an adviser or at least to learn that not all situations require a comment from him. Comment: He’s a prime example of the Peter Principal at work.

So, there’s your choices, folks. Are you having a hard time with it? Unless you’re either a close friend or relative of one of the above candidates, you have a pretty easy choice.

Yes, please do the research yourself, then vote for Susan Goode. We’re delighted to endorse Susan and expect big things from her.


Florence hot spots? District One, as we’ve pointed out before, and District Six. Send us your comments; we publish all that are not libelous or vulgar.


  1. Thanks for your choice ! I agree with you and think Susan Goode would do a fantastic job in guiding Florence.

  2. I completely agree! Susan Goode for mayor & Bob Hill district 6. Imo the mayor & council members (except Dr. Morris & Hermon Graham) should have lost backing when he allowed tourism board to harass & disrespect the ladies.