Monday, August 22, 2016

The Philistines of Rogersville

Someone, perhaps several people, sent out a letter in Rogersville recently. These individuals support Richard Herston’s opponent whom we endorsed. The letters contained incorrect information and bordered on libel if not actually 
touching it.

We know that the Anti-Herston crowd involves at least two individuals, one a businessman who is on the surface supporting Herston while backstabbing at every opportunity. The second is one we believe contacted us concerning Herston’s use of town funding.

Does Herston’s opponent support what these two individuals are doing? If he does, Rogersville, you’re up Cripple Creek. You deserve better than one candidate who doesn't care about you and refuses to tell you the truth and a second candidate who will attempt to win at any cost.

Let’s see if you can’t do better in four years.


Remember to vote tomorrow. Also remember this:

1. No matter who wins, your town will have the same problems to face.

2. No matter who wins, your town will have the same budget with which to work.

3. If you don’t communicate in some manner with whoever wins, the new office-holder won’t know your opinions/feelings.


Sources say the Kelley Group, a business whose bread and butter is municipal contracts, is not only backing Herston in Rogersville, but Kerry Underwood in Tuscumbia. We wholeheartedly support Mr. Underwood, but when any group gives large sums to candidates, we should always take an extra look at them.

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