Thursday, August 25, 2016

Drunk Baby in Tuscumbia?/Political Rumors

Help ID This Child

On rare occasions, we receive complaints of child abuse. One recent message to us contained a photo of a child, allegedly from Tuscumbia, being given shots of whiskey to drink. The child appeared to be between the age of 12 and 18 months.

The story goes that the photos were found on an SD card, and information about the family pictured is scant. The Tuscumbia police department is aware of the situation. They are thoroughly investigating and asking for assistance from anyone having more information.


After Independence Day we received a photo of a young couple where the father was “abusing” the child with a sparkler. We looked at the picture and considered it more neglect than abuse. We certainly know the shot was sent to us since the father is a life-long felon. While we may personally dislike someone, we do try to be fair. It’s our opinion the child was suffering from neglect and not direct abuse. We advised the reader to contact DHR himself and have heard nothing of the matter since. 

People aren't born knowing how to parent a child. Add alcohol to the mix and it's a miracle the human race has survived this long.


While we know DHR is not perfect, there’s little we can do here except make others aware of the situation. If you feel there is a real danger to a child or person unable to care for himself, we welcome your input here, but DHR or police should always be notified first.


Rumors? Apparently many individuals don’t know the definition of rumor. A documented investigation is not rumor, but fact.

What of actual rumors? There are some floating around about various political candidates which have no basis in fact. When you hear a story about a candidate, be sure to ask the teller where he/she heard it. If the person “knows” the validity of these rumors, particularly involving illegal behavior, also be sure to ask why the teller hasn’t reported the events to authorities.

At the end of election season, we’re always amazed that anyone chooses to run for political office.

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