Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lawyers, Sex, Money, & Murder: How Erica Fox Plotted to Have It All

When Erica Rae Green’s engagement to Jason Lee Fox was announced in 1998, the Muscle Shoals high student was stated to work for Tuscumbia attorney John D. Clement Jr. Given her age at the time, the now 36 year-old alleged murderess probably did little more than answer the phones and take messages. It’s unknown how long she worked for Clement, but attorneys reportedly still played a large role in her life in 2016.

News sources have indicated Fox had more than one accident case pending, and a knowledgeable informant reported that the new widow spoke with attorney Joel Hamner on Friday morning (the day of her first arrest) asking what kind of award she could expect in the case. She reportedly needed $100,000.00 for an attorney—presumably not one in the Alexander Shunnarah mold. We understand her incarceration puts a damper on these cases…insert gypsy violin music here.

Judgments from accidents weren’t the only financial windfalls Erica hoped to gain. Her husband Jason reportedly had insurance appropriate for a married man with three children. Both Erica and Ronnie coveted that little bundle.

Yet, Ronnie Lee Credille wasn’t alone in his affection for the 250 pound Muscle Shoals housewife. Erica reportedly admitted to police that she had several lovers, but Ronnie was her main man.

Ronnie, divorced for around two years, living with family in Florence, and having to borrow a vehicle to make the trek to Muscle Shoals to murder Jason, must have looked better to Erica than he does to us. We can only imagine what her other side men must have been like if Ronnie Credille was her primary lover.

And Jason Lee Fox, husband, father, son, brother, church-goer never knew what hit him. We’ve read that Ronnie’s ex-wife and the mother of his son has been online proclaiming his innocence. We expect to hear from her as well as a handful of others about our opinions of Ronnie and Erica. We fully expect them to be filled with profanity and vitriol and to blame the victim. Some will also call for some avenging angel to thrash all the bloggers here within an inch of our lives…that’s just so everyone will know what really nice folks they are.

So comment away. In the interim, we’ll be visualizing Erica and Ronnie and their future life (and we do mean life) in prison.


Anyone else wonder how an overweight woman with a house, a job, a husband, and three kids found the time to have multiple affairs? If she should miraculously win her freedom, we predict a career in vitamin endorsements for Erica.


  1. you hit yhe nail on the head ... great take on a ignorant viscious couple

  2. It takes a special kind of stupid for those two dirty lovebirds to even think they would not get caught. I wish they still had the electric chair.

  3. I hate to admit this but i spent a few days in jail with her. When she went to court and the news cameras were there, she would not let us watch the news that night. She was hiding info. She proclaimed her innocence. She seemed a nice enough person but i didnt really communicate with her much.

  4. I think he didn't do anything he is a good guy that would give his shirt off his back for someone everyone liked him cause he always had a smile on his face and I know one thing for sure his kid was his world he is a great dad and a good friend to everyone

    1. Read our blog about murderers; they always will give you the shirt off their backs--it's a real tell.