Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sheffield Elections/First Responders?

From a reader: Thank you for what you do. As a volunteer firefighter in Cherokee I did want to make one correction to your recent blog. It was not our fire department but the Cherokee Rescue Squad where the funds were embezzled. Like you, I’m waiting for these new indictments to be handed down and am very sorry any of our firefighting brothers have been guilty of this. Thank you.

We’re happy to make that correction and many thanks to the Cherokee Volunteer Fire Department for its good works. Also for the readers who asked, the Cherokee money was repaid; the Lawrence County, Tennessee, cases have not yet been adjudicated, but considering the amount of money allegedly stolen, it’s doubtful all can be recovered.


From a reader in Eastern Lauderdale County:

From February: An Alabama lawmaker is seeking to have drivers ticketed if they are staying too long in the far left lane of an interstate.

In the news today: Legislation to make harming a first responder a hate crime

Does all of his ideas come from conversations at the Green Hill convenience store?

Don't get me wrong they are not terrible ideas. It is just that we need better. We deserve better....

Our take on the law is simply: Who is correctly categorized as a “first responder?” From the website of National First Responders:

At NFRO, our definition of a First Responder is simple: A First Responder is any individual who runs toward an event rather than away. The list below is not exhaustive, but only a sampling of First Responders. If you feel you should be on this list send an email with your story to!

Police Officer
Peace Officer
FBI Agent
US Secret Service Agent
US Marshal

Deputy Sheriff
Special Deputy Sheriff
Under Sheriff

Emergency Medical Technician
Physician Assistant
Dog Warden

Animal Control Officer
SPCA Officer
Correction Officer

Life Guard
TSA Officer
Special Police

DEA Agent
Fish and Wildlife Officer
DEC Official
Emergency Medical Professional
FEMA Official

Homeland Security Agent
Air National Guard Soldier
US Army
US Navy
US Marine

US Air Force
US Coast Guard
Public Safety Official

District Attorney
Assistant District Attorney
Probation Officer
Elected Official 

ATF Agent
State Coordinator
County Coordinator
Town Coordinator
Ladies Auxiliary

Campus Security
Security Guard
Fire Marshal
Harbor Patrol
Harbor Police

Court Officer
CERT Member
Public Information Officer

Military Police
Environmental Police
K-9 Officer
Auxiliary Police
Park Police

Park Ranger
National Seashore Officer
Bridge and Tunnel Officer
Conservation Officer
Diplomatic Security

Private Investigator
Citizens Police Academy Graduate
Police Explorer
Corporate Security Officer
Insurance Investigator

Air Marshal
Civil Air Patrol
Game Warden
Postal Inspector
Transit Police

Red Cross Member
EPA Officer
ICE Agent
Border Patrol

Air Traffic Controller
University Police
Parole Officer
Fire Commissioner

That’s quite a list. We can’t think of any local situations where a first responder has been harmed in any way, but we welcome comments.


Sheffield has two council seats up for grabs next Tuesday. Here’s the rundown:

District Four: Mary Stevens or Penny Freeman? We say give Penny Freeman a chance. She has fresh ideas and has promised to work with the council to achieve their implementation. 

June 2016 Mug Shot

District Two: Sebastian Devaughn, Dewayne Roden, or Gary Scales? An informed source has told us the candidacy of Devaughn has been or will be contested. That leaves Roden or Scales? Scales is the incumbent; however, we’re going with Roden. Sheffield deserves more than the current status quo.


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