Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fraud in Red Bank & the Jack’s Sign Again

Fraud in Red Bank & the Jack’s Sign Again

By: The Midnight Rider

Recently we saw an article on WAAY 31 News concerning a member of the Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department that had gotten into some trouble. Here is the article from their website:
 LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – The former Assistant Chief of the Red Bank Fire Department, Charles Wayne Lash has been indicted for criminal insurance fraud.
The Insurance Fraud Unit of the Alabama Department of Insurance arrested Lash on May 28 after he allegedly filed false papers and a false insurance claim of approximately $26,000 for a “wrecker” style 2003 Ford F-350 truck which burned under suspicious circumstances.
Charles Lash

This information leads us to this article. We remember Mr. Lash from the 90s. He had a Quasi-Security Company that protected the Waffle Houses in the area. That was a joke. He was also a Repo Man, always driving around in a wrecker.

But the main thing that sticks out in my mind, he was a member of the Colbert Rescue Squad. I remember that he kept the Ambulance at his house in Muscle Shoals. There were several complaints of him riding around the neighborhood with the lights and sirens going.

Now, we give you the main topic of this article. Does Red Bank Fire Department not do background checks on their members? Because Mr. Lash has been to prison in the late 90s for setting fire to his Mother’s house and then trying to claim the insurance money. Does anyone else see a pattern here?  It will be interesting to see the outcome of this case. Please remember that “all persons are innocent until proven guilty. “  There is also the saying about “quack like a duck, walk like a duck.” Quack, Quack.

Jack’s Sign

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article about the Jack’s in Sheffield having “Ho Dogs” on sale. We posted a picture of this. Well now it seems that they are at it again. A friend of mine sent this to me.

We are going to start eating at Jack’s just so we can see what the sign is going to say next week.

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I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


  1. That's a legitimate sign. Unless every Jack's restaurant sign in the Shoals area has been vandalized. They all say that

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