Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Steve Eason to Coordinate City Projects?

Yes, it seems it's true that former Florence city clerk Steve Eason is the new coordinator for the city's capital projects. Exactly what that position entails, we have no idea. Eason was removed from his position as city clerk by a 5-1 vote of the Florence City Council in October 2004. Sources say that Eason is married to Councilman (and former mayor) Dick Jordan's sister. At the time of Eason's termination, outgoing Mayor Jordan accused the five who ousted Eason of having a vendetta.

Vendettas seem to be popular in Florence. We can remember a vendetta against a Florence planning department employee. Surely just a coincidence...


Public information? All arrests are public record. The TimesDaily has stated it doesn't publish misdemeanor arrests, but that policy apparently wasn't followed when the five UNA football players were arrested late last year. The TD seems about as consistent as UNA athletic director Mark Linder.

Just because the TD doesn't publish an arrest, whether felony or misdemeanor, that doesn't mean it isn't newsworthy. We see the TD did publish the out of state arrest of a Rogersville man on attempted murder charges the day after it appeared on other sources.

We understand the TD refused to publish the name of Greene Davidson who was convicted on animal cruelty charges. So, a drunk college kid is more newsworthy than a middle aged preacher who deliberately starved a family of dogs? Interesting...


In the humor is where you find it department, a reader made us aware of an ad in this week's Courier-Journal. The staff of a certain business wishes everyone a happy new year. Just the staff?

Apparently the owner(s) don't even show up except to collect a draw. It's not against the law, but if this is all the attention the owner gives to his business, we wonder how much he gives to the city council of which he's a member?


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