Saturday, January 17, 2015

Did Dewey Park Parker?

From a reader:
Fay Parker (is) most senior commissioner, but Dewey (Mitchell) decided they would now vote after 20 years doing it by Seniority. Chairman, a Democrat, voted for a Republican, Roger Garner, still in his first term. Looks like Fay is not voting how Dewey wants him too.
The Lauderdale County Commission has followed the appointment method for years. This precedent predates the service of Judge Mitchell and all of the current County Commissioners. When Judge Mitchell took office in 1995, Commissioner Bobby McCormick by seniority, and appointment, was the "vice chair". After Mr McCormick was defeated, the Commission authorized the Chairman to appoint the "vice chair". At that time, D.C. Thornton was the commissioner with the most seniority and was appointed "vice chair" which continued the precedent.
As you will read, the statute in question does not require a new appointment or election every two years following an election cycle. Neither does our rule of procedure. Therefore, the previous appointment of Mr Thornton remains in full force and effect until he retires from the Commission, is defeated at election or a change is made by proper official action of the full county commission.


Is the above guest blog presenting anything really new about Dewey's ethics? No. Read on...


Who needs fire lanes? From a reader:

Why don't the Florence and Muscle Shoals police departments enforce ordinances prohibiting 'parking in fire lanes'?  This is a HUGE problem in Florence's Kmart Plaza and at the various Walmarts in the area.


This video has 22 views. Voters were really interested in the election, weren't they?


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