Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Muscle Shoals Non-Resident Policy: Our Take

We've recently published two guest blogs on the non-resident student policy at Muscle Shoals schools. Aside from the advisability of taking in such students, once they are in, they are in. They are the same as resident students and should be treated equally.

Scenario: Two boys, one a resident student, one a non-resident, feel a little bored and decide to make a bomb in chemistry. After the explosion in which ol' Sasquatch loses his beard, the boys admit their guilt. If only the non-resident student is expelled, you can bet your ebony hair dye that there will be a lawsuit.

However, that doesn't mean that the oh so entertaining educators at Muscle Shoals schools can't keep a sharper eye on non-resident students. That would be hard to prove, and we hear stealth is something of a specialty for them.


It's been pointed out that since Chad Holden has assumed the principal's position at Muscle Shoals High School, no monthly newsletters have been posted. Is anything happening there, or is it all a secret?


Debbie Wilson has flown the coop, and we can't blame her. The only remaining question is whether Libby will get this plum job or hold out for Barbara Broach's job as the Florence-Lauderdale Watchdog has suggested she will do.


Apparently, it's drawn some controversy:


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