Monday, January 5, 2015

Florence-Lauderdale Watchdogs!

This is a relatively new Facebook page. They are imparting some valuable information--information we have not been able to publish due to liability issues. As with anything you read, we encourage you to check for yourself.

Re-hiring Steve Eason so he can get his pension? We had no idea anyone gave him the time of day. More lawsuits in the works?

Lots and lots on the Testy Tourism Three. Check it out here:


We've learned today that convicted killer Hershel Dale Graham has decided to pursue his appeal options to a higher court after being denied a hearing with the previous court. If you see him out gallivanting at Walmart, be sure to send us a pic.


For those who asked about placing a Courier-Journal ad, yes you have to furnish a name and address. A name could be something like "Citizens for Better Colbert County Schools." An address could be any business which allowed its use. As for cost, you will have to call the CJ.


Tomorrow we'll be looking at what is public information and what should be public. Feel free to send questions or comments.


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