Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stop Supporting These *(&^ Rapists!

There's never a news article or a blog about a rapist or child abuser that some woman doesn't write in to defend him. Are there ever any innocent men accused of these crimes? Certainly, but they are feeeeeew and faaaaaar between.

Now the Colbert County court system tells us that Charles Kyle Adcock, formerly of Muscle Shoals, committed First Degree Rape--a total of 12 times. Yes, we wonder why his young victim didn't inform her parents/guardians, but the district attorney's office seems confident these charges are correct and will stick.

Speaking of sticking... It seems dear Mr. Adcock is engaged. Guess what? His fiancee' Whitney Paige Zorn is championing his innocence. So maybe he is innocent and certainly she is faithful. How faithful?

Adcock, 31, was arrested in his home county of Carrollton in Texas on August 20th. He listed his parents and Miss Zorn as emergency contacts. Was he engaging in wishful thinking? Apparently not. On August 30th, Miss Zorn placed their wedding gift registry online. In case you want to send a gift:

So what if Adcock is convicted. He's looking at a long sentence. Will Miss Zorn wait? Sadly if her current behavior is any indication, she may give it a few years.

Tomorrow: Sociopaths & Rape?


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