Thursday, January 8, 2015

To Our Friend in Paris/City of Muscle Shoals

For most of this blog's life, we've used Statcounter. One of the features of this service is to enumerate the geographic locations our readers come from. Often we have Shoals area residents traveling, sometime for weeks or months, who view our blog; however, we've been aware for some time that we have two faithful readers who reside in other parts of the world--one in the South Pacific and one in the Paris area.

We don't know if our Paris reader enjoys our blog or perhaps views it as humor. It's possible the reader is actually French and is reading our blog for a scholarly thesis on small town life in America (we once had a high school teacher whose British cousin received a degree from Oxford in Alabama politics).

No matter why you read our blog, we hope you are safe today. We realize that Paris has a few more citizens than Zip City, but nevertheless the recent terrorist attack cannot have been pleasant for you. We would like to know that you are all right and how your everyday life has been affected by these events. If you would like to contact us, please do so at


Speaking of small town life, here's some revealing insights by a citizen of Muscle Shoals:

Interesting: The video on the MSC website features in the most part are of events in Tuscumbia and Florence. MSC also published that the new Love's Travel Stop is their accomplishment as well. NOT.

Who paid for the tall silver musician statute between the library and high school? Rumor has it the city, electric department, water department and maybe the gas department each paid equal by using our taxpayer dollars. However, lip smacking, absent on the job mayor David Bradford and his little council men were the only ones at the un-veiling.

Where were the other publicly owned department representatives? Do they vacation like the mayor? Everyone knows the MS Mayor only shows up for the show and is usually at home or in Georgia baby-sitting his grandchildren.

As for the sculpture(s), there are to be four total--one in each of the Quad-Cities. Wise Alloys donated the aluminum. Aside from that, the four sculptures and their surrounding gardens are anticipated to cost 450K, of which 75K had been donated at the time the Sheffield statue was unveiled in 2012.

Who made these donations? If any reader has information on this project, please send it to us.


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