Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Oust Colbert County Supt. Anthony Olivis

Several have contacted us concerning the possibility of removing Anthony Olivis from his elected position. The easiest way would be to ensure he resigns under pressure. Would he?

Simply acquire system financial statements for the month before he took office two years ago and the current month. If the system has lost the millions as reported to us, take out a full page ad in the Courier Journal and publish copies of the statements (it shouldn't be that expensive). This should bring down the wrath of enough Colbert citizens on Olivis' head to force him to take some action.


We've reported before that the last published agenda for the Colbert County Board of Education is for March 2014. A reader has informed us that it has not been updated. If enough citizens contact them, they should rapidly begin to take this much more seriously than they do:

425 Highway 72 West (Physical)
P.O. Box 538 (Mailing)
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Office: 256-386-8565       Fax: 256-381-9375
Office Hours: Monday-Friday (7:30-4:00)


We also understand there will soon be more updates on the situation at New Bethel School. We will endeavor to publish them as we receive them.

We realize that things change and that closures/consolidations are sometimes necessary; however, threats of closure should never be that--threats in retaliation for perceived slights or wrongs.


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