Sunday, January 18, 2015

Signs of the Time? Don't Blame URBan Broadcasting

001 Mitchell Boulevard

Pictured is the rusting WVNA sign located adjacent to the northern entrance to O'Neal Bridge. The exact address is 001 Mitchell Boulevard. The property on which the sign sits is currently for sale by Weichert Realty for an unknown (at least to us) sum. The appraised value listed by Delta Systems is $5,300.00 for the relatively small triangle of land.

However, URBan Broadcasting doesn't own the property which at one time touted the time and temp along with a revolving blurb for WVNA FM/AM radio stations. It seems the property and sign's official owner is Mary Jane Darby, the widow of Elton H. Darby who at one time owned WVNA. The Darby family/estate is notorious for its tangles with Sheffield and other public entities over what amounts to little more than abandoned property.

Shall we assume this sign will be refurbished or torn down anytime soon? Not unless the property is sold. The sign is in Dick Jordan's district, as is the Knight-Humphries Donut. The location is described by realtors as great, but it's actually small and hard to access. It does offer a great location for signage. Let's hope a new owner is soon found.


Sheffield five years ago. It's moving forward, at least parts of it:


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