Saturday, January 3, 2015

Anonymity & Whistle Blowing

We've had one Facebook comment we would like to address here:

It is amazing to me that you print editorials that doing nothing but attack the Colbert County School System. If the person writing this editorial is so knowledgable about the county why is he/she afraid to include a name. I mean if it is all true there wouldn't be consequences for that person. It's because the whole point of the editorial is to create strife between the administration and employees. And like any bully the person creating this editorial just wants to cause problems. I have many friends working in the Colbert County School System and they appreciate and support Mr. Olivis. Many, many county school systems are struggling with financial problems and that should be laid at the doorstep of this state. This state does not fund its education system adequately and we all suffer for that reason. The job of superintendent is a thankless, stressful job and I am amazed anyone will do it. If I were Mr. Olivis I wouldn't do it because there is no appreciation and plenty of critics. It would be so nice if you used you web site to help others instead of tearing people down.

Let's look at this misguided commenter's points...

1. If you work for a public official who's skimming money from the public till, just how long will you keep your job if you report it? How about if you know this public official is hiring his friends instead of more competent applicants? How about if you know this official is out to get revenge on those he thinks have slighted him over the years. How about if he or she is merely fudging the time card?

It may sound noble to include a name, but in the end it leads to the unemployment line, especially in a system which has now attempted to fire four "enemies." Mr. Olivis would not think twice about firing any whistle blower at this point.

2. All school systems lose money? We can't address that one way or the other, but to have lost 8.5 million dollars in two years is mind boggling (if the correct figure) not to mention the State Board has warned the system. Do Colbert County citizens want their school taken over by the State? Just look to Franklin County to the south of Colbert. It has less financial resources--have you seen it attempting to close any schools or reducing personnel in this fashion?

3. Using our site to help? Yes, we do that every day. We're attempting to help those Mr. Olivis has fired or transferred simply because they didn't support him in the last election or ran against him. We're attempting to help the children who are the real losers in all this. We're attempting to help Colbert County taxpayers who expect their hard earned money to be put to educational use--not to be wasted on God only knows what and employee lawsuits.

We're going to add here that this commenter comes from the school of thought that if you don't mention it, it will go away. Let's never mention the child who was raped, never mention the public official who stole thousands, never mention the drunk who killed his innocent daughter, never mention the religious figure who sexually molested his charges, never mention the school janitor who hit a female employee. It will just all go away...


Speaking of the Leighton Elementary School janitor who struck a female school worker and was only transferred--not dismissed. How would you feel is this was you, gentle readers? Would you feel justice was done? How about the workers at the janitor's new location? How do they feel? Perhaps just a little on edge knowing they could become this man's next victim?


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