Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

We hope each of our readers is enjoying a peaceful, headache-free, New Year's Day. We realize that the feeling each of us gets on January 1st is purely psychological, but nevertheless we should take advantage of it. Let's resolve to make each day count in some way, no matter how small.

That brings us to this blog.We assume most of you are reading because you care about the Shoals and want to improve conditions in any way possible. We assume you have opinions, both in agreement with ours and maybe not so much. No want what's best for your families and towns. How can you make a difference?

We'll toot our own horn here: We get an average of 3k readers a day minimum. On certain topics (the recent guest blog on Cherokee schools for instance) we can get up to 12K a day reading what's posted here. This may be a saturation point, since we are about all local, but the numbers are still imposing.

Do you have something to say that you hope will reach the right people? Send us your guest blogs. We will post them anonymously or use a pen name if you prefer. You don't have to agree with us; just be courteous and use polite language and you can be sure your blog will reach our readers.

We'll be having a great post on Colbert County schools tomorrow...stay tuned.

Shoalanda and Staff

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