Saturday, January 10, 2015

Are Muscle Shoals Schools Really Family?

From a reader:

Remember - the banner for MSCS is "FAMILY".

Is that something like "Norm's Bar" on Cheers, where everyone knows you by name?

FaMily until we screw you out of your money, use your kid on the football field, or you have an opinion. 

D-I-V-O-R-C-E comes easy for the "FaMily". 

MSHS kicks kids that are 18 and failing out of school in December and tell them not to come back that they have "earned their credits" (without having to take exams) so they will not drop out and it be a black mark against graduation rates. Or, in some cases, offers to let student withdraw to avoid being kicked out. If these kids are on the streets, they aren't the MSCS problem. They just become the worry of police and public safety.
From Florence-Lauderdale Watchdogs:
Our roving reporters tell us that the Tourism department meeting went as expected. By "as expected" we mean that Alex Nelson was an unabashed jerk that seems to have "woman issues."

When one female audience member politely asked if the board to speak up, Alex retorted, "There are plenty of empty chairs up front!"

When it was all said and done, the board approved their budget as expected. What we do not understand is why they appointed Alex as board vice president after all the distraction he has heralded these past few months.


Looks like a nice old neon sign in this video:


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