Friday, January 30, 2015

Laura Fitterman: New Animal Cruelty Charges

We've blogged about Laura Fitterman before. In fact, we have a link dedicated to her in our sidebar.

Now Fitterman, using the surname Sherwood, has again been arrested in Lauderdale County on charges of animal cruelty. Laura and her husband Patrick are accused of cruelty to 25 horses and donkeys, plus two lamas, 50 rodents, and over 150 rabbits, cats, and dogs. They are both being held without bond in the Lauderdale County Detention Center.

Undoubtedly, Fitterman-Sherwood and her husband will plead some kind of mental defect causing them to collect and the neglect these animals--they face one felony charge and 15 misdemeanor counts. Will Laura Fitterman stop now? We doubt it. Let's hope permanent monitoring is in her future.


Frequently we read comments about various drug users; many say just watch the news for their obituary. Is that all we can do?

We are extremely interested in any new programs or therapy out there that can help these individuals. We know the methadone clinic in Sheffield is a savior for some, but what about others?

Today we saw the latest mug shot of a young lady we've blogged about at the request of her family when she went missing...twice. The change in her face was gut-wrenching. How do get help for someone who doesn't want it? Comments?


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