Saturday, January 31, 2015

DreamVision: Yea or Nay?

DreamVision...that's a lovely name. They're bringing a dream vision to the Shoals, at least we think they are. Several readers have sent us links that challenge what the company says about itself. All great enterprises have detractors; so who's right? Perhaps only time will tell, but the Shoals has been burned before.

Not all announced projects that didn't materialize have been humongous like National Rail Car. There was that golf course/walking trail proposed for Sheffield some years back. Unlucky in love Sheffield was also promised a new cinema multiplex that failed to materialize. Then of course there's UNA's College of Integrative Health which has only one student this semester. We're sure there have been more failures, but those come to mind.

What do we know of DreamVision? Here's some facts that may...or may problematic:

1. When attempted to contact DreamVision on Friday with some very pertinent questions, the company did not respond. Perhaps because the PR department had left for a long weekend? It's possible.

2. The company states on its website that it's "emotionally driven." We have no idea what that means. If it's raining outside, they don't feel up to working? It may be just us, but this is a strange way to describe a company that supposedly deals in millions or even billions of dollars every day.

3. Three of the top executives of the company are in the Silanskas family. A very wise lady once told us never to work for a family run business unless prepared for continual bickering, etc. Would this hold true for such a large company. Who knows?

4. The company's website says that it wants to make Texas the "epicenter of the theme park world." Does that leave any room for the Shoals?

5. The Texas theme park? It was announced at a Ft. Worth gala on June 1, 2013. So far there have been no other new developments.

6. The Ft. Worth theme park was originally slated for Dallas in 2011, but DreamVision owners abruptly changed their minds without giving an explanation.

7. At the 2013 announcement in Ft. Worth, DreamVision also announced its intention of building a theme park in South Africa (known for its extremely low crime rate) in two to four years.

8. Money, honey? So three theme parks are now scheduled, costing billions of dollars, and the company's only income is currently from? One short video on the market and one in production?

Let's hope it's true and doable, but let's not bet the rent money just yet.


Been Accused of Blogging Something You Haven't? Why, Yes. Yes, We Have

Some time ago we remarked that we had no idea why this blog was considered "homophobic" by anyone. We received two replies that supposedly offered some of our previous comments. The only problem was that the comments came from another Shoals blogger--not us.

During the election season last fall, we opened our e-mail inbox to find at least 20 angry e-mails accusing us of publishing a statement from a Lauderdale County candidate that one of his ex-wives was responsible for the death of his son. To say we were gobsmacked would be putting it mildly. How anyone who reads this blog could think we would publish such a thing is beyond our reasoning.

So where was the statement published? In the same blog which produced the anti-gay remarks. Now this blogger says he, or someone, has been accused of writing something that actually came from our pen, so to speak. Mistaken attributions seem to come with blogging territory. We didn't blame the blogger in question when we received fallout for his words, therefore we humbly request the same courtesy.



  1. I suppose I am the only person alive who remembers Ray Cahons being tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail for floating a billion dollar bond issue for the city of tuscumbia for exactly that. In fact they moved the post office out there to be near it.,3205

  2. You know I've been accused of saying things that cane out of my political opponents mouth. .. remember ... any publicity is good publicity.