Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Will Replace Debbie Wilson?

We had planned a blog on the injustice done to Debbie Wilson; however, she seems to have turned the table on Dick Jordan and the Testy Tourism Three, so we will offer sincere congratulations on her new post with the State of Alabama! Florence/Lauderdale loses. We're unclear if Debbie will have to relocate to fulfill the job requirements for this position. We hope not, but obviously Florence has not been that hospitable to her recently.


From Florence-Lauderdale Watchdog:

We are furiously checking on the validity of this rumor from some random person on another page:

Libby Stockard Watts Jordan
"In a related story, city councilman Dick Jordan announced today he will now be in charge of the local Tourism Office, wife Libby will be the assistant director, with son Bill and Grandsons all paid special assistants to the director. Male Tourism Board Members are said to be prepared to expand the current budget to accommodate the additional expense. Electricity expense will be reduced to help balance the numbers."


And from another source:

We've heard that if Steve Eason doesn't work out in his new position, Scooter Muse has a job for him cleaning toilets at various public housing locations.


While on the subject of nepotism/cronyism, we recently heard this joke:

Q - How many blacks work in Muscle Shoals City Hall?

A - Three. One African-American, Marcel, and Marcel's son.


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