Friday, January 23, 2015

Dr. Dennis Conner Has Quite a Title/"Braggs"

Editor's note: While we frequently instigate topics, we have never instigated one about anything even remotely related to the Muscle Shoals school system. Any topics we have discussed here have been forwarded to us by concerned parents. We happily accept rebuttals for any of our blogs.

Yesterday we blogged about a young girl who was no longer allowed to attend school in the Muscle Shoals school system. Whether the system made the right or wrong choice in this matter is somewhat irrelevant to today's topic. In the past few weeks we've received many communications involving admission and treatment of non-resident students. The fact that such a problem is so common within the system was certainly news to us. That many parents want their offspring educated at a Muscle Shoals school?

Apparently enough that there has even been a special job created to handle the boon/problem. No, we're not joking. Dr. Dennis Conner's official title within the system is "Non-resident, Attendance and Instructional Support Coordinator." By the way, his wife is a teacher at Highland Park Elementary in Muscle Shoals.

So if we read his job title correctly, his job is to coordinate attendance and instructional support for non-resident students. By any chance, did the U.S. Army originally create this job description? How much time does this take? Are there really that many non-resident students? According to those who write us, the system is dumping non-resident students right and left. Aren't they afraid they will no longer have a job for Dr. Conner?

We'll reiterate that only one of our five bloggers lives in Colbert County and that's not in Muscle Shoals, but if we were a Muscle Shoals parent, we would be asking if such a position was justified. After all, these tax-payer dollars could be going toward the football program.


A friend has commented it would be interesting to know how many Muscle Shoals football players are non-residents. Anyone know the data on that or where one could obtain such data?


Just how good is the Muscle Shoals school system? We're told they say they're the best in the Shoals. Really? And they can't even use spell check?

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Oh, wait, maybe it's one of those new gangsta words?


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