Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Remove Your Name from the Sex Offender Registry within 30 Days

Obviously considering the number of sex offenders in our nation today, the registry serves a limited purpose and may do harm. Do you want your name removed?

If so there is a plan available to you that will cost you absolutely nothing. Sound too good to be true? Wait. I promise it's easy. Just what do you have to do?


If you're confused by our topic today, hold on. When I was filling in some months ago I received a comment from Derek Warren Logue, once-local child rapist now living in Ohio. He earned the title of child rapist when at the age of 24 he had sex with an 11 year old girl. He now campaigns for an end to both the sex offender registry and any age restrictions on consensual sex.

Derek always makes reference to the number of hits he get on his sites compared to Shoalanda's local blog. Why should anyone expect any less? A report from January 2012 states at that time there were almost 750,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. How many of them don't want off the registry? Maybe I should ask how many have family that does want them off. These sex offenders and their families spend hours on end hoping to hide from their crimes, hoping for a loophole.

So I decided to see how many hits one of our blogs would get with just the right title. I'll post an update in a few months. In the mean time you can read about Logue in Ohio where he's classified as a "sexual predator."

Derek Logue in Ohio

And on older SS blogs.

Shoalanda on Derek Logue


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  1. Derek made mention he had been "close" to his victim since she was three. The witch doctors have indicated people like Derek "groom" their victims. God only knows what he was doing all the years prior to his getting caught and convicted.